Training Management

Employee training forms a key part of quality control as well as governance, risk, and compliance programs for all companies, big or small. For companies whose operations require compliance with federal regulations such as FDA and OSHA, or are following quality standards such as ISO 9000/14000, it is essential to have streamlined regulatory compliance training procedures, and the ability to monitor the effectiveness of the training. Regulations such as SOX have created the need for specialized training for employees playing key compliance-related roles so that they can learn and apply best practices to streamline compliance processes and meet regulatory demands.

We can provide customized solutions to meet client agency training and human capital requirements.

Function of Training

The singular function of training is to produce change. It is the upgrading of a person’s skill or the addition of a new skill, which in turn can bring about the desired change an agency is seeking. It is important to understand that training in and of itself cannot motivate a work force. However, it is an integral part of what is needed to accomplish the long-term goals of the agency.

Value of Training

Often supervisors ask, "Why should I provide training to my staff?" There are many reasons agencies provide training to their employees:

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