Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to using a third-party network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store and manage all your data, rather than locally. Simply put, cloud services provide you with your own hard drive in the cloud – or on the internet. Such services have become popular because they are affordable, convenient and provide ample storage space. But perhaps the biggest appeal of such services is their accessibility; you can access your documents, photos, videos and any other saved files from any device with internet access. With cloud services you can connect at home, work or on the go via a laptop, desktop, smartphone or other handheld device.

Some of the world’s largest tech companies have launched cloud services, including Apple, Amazon and Google. These tech giants, along with some notable up-and-comers, provide several storage tier plans tailored for both consumers and businesses. It should be noted that Microsoft Windows also offers cloud solutions. But unlike its competitors, Windows provides such a small, limited amount of free storage (with no option to upgrade) that it’s difficult to compete with the rest of the services in our lineup.

Our cloud infrastructure services portfolio is ready for your enterprise IT demands. From cloud computing solutions for servers, networks, storage and applications to strategic cloud deployments for your disaster recovery, our cloud platform is built on enterprise grade technology that is affordable and easy to deploy within your enterprise.

Cloud computing provides a highly elastic environment that enables on-demand infrastructure capabilities over the internet to scalable computing resources (networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be deployed quickly with cost efficiency and minimal management effort. According Gartner report – Cloud is changing the way applications are designed, tested and deployed, resulting it a significant shift in Application Development priorities. Cost is major driver, but also agility, flexibility and speed to deploy new applications.

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