Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions help you transform into a dynamic enterprise through actionable intelligence. Leading and operating a large, multinational business is an information intensive effort, and the requirement for rapid market response and cost pressures provide additional challenges.

Business Intelligence services and solutions address the elementary challenge of any business: Closing the gap between business planning and execution. Studies indicate that over 85% of BI implementations fail to address the objectives of their Business Drivers. The non-alignment of Business Strategy and Business Intelligence Strategy, Time and Cost overruns, and the complexity of Data Infrastructure are a few of the factors that plague organizations, preventing them from achieving their Corporate Goals and Objectives.

With our Application Integration Architecture, your organization is able to leverage from existing IT investments, have business agility, and lower the total cost of ownership. SourceEdge offers value added packages to deliver more complete process solution to business end users to accelerate business processes, eliminate unproductive routine operations, and bring consistency throughout.

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